About us

Globalization. It is the future of our world. Vietnam has gone through exponential economic growth within the last few years due to increases in exports. As for the Cargo Logistics Industry, this means more demand is needs for service to transport goods in and out of the country. But in the recent global economic recession, the industry has taken a hit. Cutting down on projects for expansion and seeing decline in demand for shipping services.

Vuong Bao Long Container Depot & Repair is just the change this industry is looking for. We are a young and ambitious company hungry to bring about this change. Our company's philosophy is constantly seeking new ways to improve the status quo while keeping in mind business ethics and social responsibility. Depots today in this country have failed to meet basic international standards. Bad customer service, lack of attention to detail in their work, and a habit of ignoring to adapt advancements in technology has led Shipping Lines to become skeptical about depots in Vietnam. This is why we strive to provide the attention and care that the majority of the depots today lack. We guarantee that every single container that checks in to our yard will leave cleaner, better, and newer than it did coming in.